Innovation Challenge: Your Ideas for Treating Sleep Apnea

Earlier this week, the Football Players Health Study at Harvard University launched a really cool challenge with cash prizes to be awarded. Why do we care, besides caring in general about the damage that occurs to some of our favorite athletes over the course of their careers? Well, this particular challenge is about - sleep apnea!

The Players Study is offering a financial incentive to stimulate the creative problem solvers among us: come up with a way to improve "adherence" to CPAP therapy. Basically what "adherence" means in this context is - what will help us keep putting on our masks every night, and keeping them on, so that our brains and bodies can begin to heal themselves from the quiet, sneaky damage done by untreated sleep apneas. Or, do you have an even better idea? They’d like to hear it.

So while the Players Study is doing this as part of their overall drive to help football players - and we encourage you to go check out the issues - their challenge is also a challenge for us all.

Think about it: what can you come up with, that might help make a difference? Sometimes the best ideas come from those of us who use the technology or treatments. And if you win one of the prizes - let us know! We’d love to celebrate with you!

Click here to go join the challenge!

By MyApnea on August 25, 2016 Aug 25, 2016 in Announcements
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SusanR +1 point · almost 2 years ago

Here's a chance to suggest an "out of the box" idea for improving CPAP or suggesting new treatments for sleep apnea. Looking forward to seeing the creativity of our community!

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RationalGraySwan6790 +0 points · over 1 year ago

As a new sleep apnea patient I suggest treating dry mouth, nose and nasal congestion in addition to using a cpap. I awoke so many times during the night with an extremely dry mouth as well as nose when I started using CPAP. Even though my breathing was better there was no way I was getting a good night's sleep. I was exhausted. I was waking 8 to 10 times a night with a dry mouth and nose. My doctor told me it could take 4 to 6 months for me to get used to a CPAP. That was not good enough for me. I could not live with the fatigue for that amt of time. I did research for the dry mouth and found Zylimelts. It reducef by two-thirds the amount of times I was waking up with a dry mouth needing water. There are things we can do in addition to using CPAP that will make it easier. I switched out to a different mask also The mask my doctor gave me kept leaking.

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SensibleOrangeHedgehog1602 +0 points · over 1 year ago

i am on this forum to help my husband. I think looking at ways to address all the countless problems----is a good start. he complains of dry mouth and we will purchase a box of zylimelts. ps where do they come up with these goofy user names????