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Significant Changes in Mask Leak Readings and AEI Events upon changing to new ResMed 10 Auto

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SleepBoomerMustang73 +0 points · 12 days ago Original Poster

I’'ve been using a CPAP for about 14 years now with very good results. I just updated my ResMed 10 Auto to a new ResMEd 10 Auto as the older one was now at 5 years. Prior to doing this my average Events ranged from 0.2 - 0.7 with a very occasional 1.0. Also, my Mask Fit using the N20 Mask was nearly ball park perfect with a range of 17/20 - 20/20 according to MyAir web site. I use the N20 Mask and Climate hose and a chin strap. I've done this for the past 5 years with no problems and good results. I also use a SoClean2.

Since Dec 19, I've been through 3 NEW ResMed 10s -- and my results have been significantly different. First the explanation for the multiple ResMEds. The first CPAP started making a whistling noise after a couple days. I took it back to the DME dealer and they told me there was indeed something wrong; and replaced it with a 2nd NEW ResMed. This ResMed displayed some strange sounds and when I took it back the DME representative told me after examining it that there was some kind of "vibration" going on and a problem with reading numbers. The 2nd was replaced with a 3rd "NEW" REsMEd 10 which out of the bag failed to power on. After replacing the power cord, it has worked fine for 3 days now.

My primary issue is I've not changed my N20 mask nor the chinstrap. The Nose Cushion is new, the Climate Hose is new, a new filter installed -- and despite all of this the last 6 nights according to MYAir the Events have been 0.8 - 1.1 with a high of 1.8 two nights ago. In 14 years, the 1.8 is the highest I've ever experienced. Additionally, my Mask Fit has dropped to a recorded level of 9/20, 12/20 and 13/20.

ALL of this has occurred since going to the new ResMEd. Any advise/suggestions appreciated SleepBoomerMustang 73

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PJK +1 point · 11 days ago

HI SBM 73:

I have no suggestions - but a great deal of envy . I have never obtained such a low score such as .02 or 1.1 . Best for me is 6.5 AhI . If you are down to 1.1 that indicates better than most people who are not designated as OSA .

How did you manage to get this exceptional AHI score . Was it evever as high as 5.0?


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Sierra +0 points · 5 days ago Sleep Innovater

Your numbers are still good. Have any pressure settings changed? EPR same? Is your mask type set to nasal?

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