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Cpap mask advice mouth opens at night but can't put any pressure on jaw
5 4.5K 3 yrs ago
What question do you WISH your physician had asked, to have gotten your diagnosis sooner?
8 4.7K 3 yrs ago
Link between tinnitus (ear ringing) and sleep apnea?
2 3.8K 3 yrs ago
Confusing ResMed AirCurve Specifications
1 2.8K 3 yrs ago
I have experienced "bruits" on many occasions. Does this affect you and do you feel that it is related to your sleep apnea?
0 2.2K 3 yrs ago
Feeling of drowning
1 3.5K 3 yrs ago
Probably sleep apnea
2 2.4K 3 yrs ago
First steps for Inspire Therapy coming up!
28 16K 3 yrs ago
Sleep Articles in the popular press worth a read
1 3.3K 3 yrs ago
CPAC machine and brain fog
1 3K 3 yrs ago
New machine
4 3K 3 yrs ago
Project Sleep
1 3.2K 3 yrs ago
ResMed MyAir Dashboard
4 26K 3 yrs ago
Inspire Therapy
11 9.1K 3 yrs ago
How long will the daytime sleepiness go away if I'm getting the right treatment?
3 3.2K 3 yrs ago
Adjusting to CPAP
1 2.4K 3 yrs ago
Questions about types of apnea,, CPAP settings and all that
5 39K 3 yrs ago
Odor inside Unit
1 2.4K 3 yrs ago
"Quantified Self" apps?
1 2.7K 3 yrs ago
Sleep Tracker Technology
17 11K 3 yrs ago
Interupted sleep?
3 3K 3 yrs ago
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What would you like to learn about?
112 48K 3 yrs ago
APAP/CPAP setting to minimize RERA and Hypopnea events.
2 8.2K 3 yrs ago
Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea
2 3.6K 3 yrs ago
Need Help???
11 5.8K 3 yrs ago
FDA medical devices approved for Sleep Apnea Treatment
3 4K 3 yrs ago
Apnea or Emphysema!? Help.
14 8.2K 3 yrs ago
What is Winx?
2 3.9K 3 yrs ago
Central apnea?
3 3.5K 3 yrs ago
Biggest obstacle
3 3.1K 3 yrs ago
Implantable Device
15 16K 3 yrs ago
Dry mouth and mask leak only on one side
7 5.3K 3 yrs ago
mask seal
22 20K 3 yrs ago
Story Time
0 2.4K 3 yrs ago
why do I feel like this?
4 3.4K 3 yrs ago
Aerophagia: What causes it, and how to stop it?
1 4K 3 yrs ago
idiopathic CSA and frequent awakenings
9 12K 3 yrs ago
How does this CPAP contraption work?
12 9.6K 3 yrs ago
SleepHealth app
8 5.8K 3 yrs ago
Air from exhale valve in eyes and arms
4 3.8K 3 yrs ago