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Does anyone randomly stop breathing during the day?
45 170K 1 yr ago
Awakened by Forceful Air
9 2.4K 1 yr ago
Sudden air burst upon falling asleep
2 1.4K 1 yr ago
Just getting started with CPAP. Can someone eyeball my OSCAR data and help me get things dialed in
19 4.9K 1 yr ago
Draft from nasal mask airsense 10
3 1.8K 1 yr ago
APAP question
9 2.7K 1 yr ago
Using nasal CPAP masks with deviated septum
4 2.2K 1 yr ago
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Central/Mixed Apnea
42 78K 1 yr ago
Weird flaps in nose after cpap, flonase
7 4.3K 1 yr ago
1 1.4K 1 yr ago
Sleep Apnea (negative to positive ?)
7 2K 1 yr ago
How olds a post?
5 1.7K 1 yr ago
Call for help: UARS? Apnea? CPAP?
2 1.5K 1 yr ago
2 1.5K 1 yr ago
Can I improve my results
35 6.1K 1 yr ago
Still feeling exhausted after months of CPAP use
10 19K 1 yr ago
Failed Cpap and Bipap, would love help with my OSCAR report
1 1.4K 1 yr ago
Best settings for AirCurve 10 Vauto
7 2.2K 1 yr ago
Change my device on OSCAR
0 940 1 yr ago
Resmed airsense 11 not pushing back
1 1.5K 1 yr ago
Stop using CPAP
2 1.6K 1 yr ago
EjE Newbie Angst: Sleep diagnosis by Dr seems to be lacking!
7 2K 1 yr ago
AHI reduced after alcohol
9 2.4K 1 yr ago
Sleep Mask Recommendation
2 1.4K 1 yr ago
Different CA scores for nasal vs full mask
2 1.5K 1 yr ago
ResMed Airfit N30 vs P10
2 6K 1 yr ago
sleep apnea my story
0 1.1K 1 yr ago
Mirage FX mask: Wide or Standard
18 6.5K 1 yr ago
Cpap Oscar data help
6 2K 1 yr ago
Waking up gasping for air
1 1.3K 1 yr ago
Nasal masks (pillow types)
4 1.6K 1 yr ago
Airsense 10 Elite setting for auto not present. Only cpap. Is machine not capable of auto?
3 1.5K 1 yr ago
Should I be Concerned about CA Events
6 1.9K 2 yrs ago
New AirSense11 not getting a signal
8 5.4K 2 yrs ago
ResMed AirSense 10 12 Volt to 24 Volt Power Supply Option
1 1.8K 2 yrs ago
OSCAR and my new Dreamstation BiPAP Model S/L not reporting.
2 1.4K 2 yrs ago
Oscar data interpreting help
1 4.9K 2 yrs ago
Sinus? Discomfort
1 1.6K 2 yrs ago
New CPAP user having trouble falling asleep
9 2.5K 2 yrs ago
OSA, MAD, Invisalign, and ASA
9 8.4K 2 yrs ago