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Necessity is the Mother of Invention - a new Blog worth joining!!!

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MarkHanson +0 points · over 2 years ago Original Poster

Necessity is the Mother of Invention https://myapnea.org/blog/2017/10/necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention is a new Blog created to begin a dialogue among patients and others. Some time ago folks from the Sloan School of Management reached out to SAPCON with one of their themes. they call is N of One where N means number and of One means that only one person participated in the first phase of the evaluation of an action when usually the N of a formal survey will be dozens or even hundreds or thousands of participants. but that takes time, money, and other constraints which some see as getting in the way Of course, the scientific method traditionally insists on a strong process and reproducability and in the medical community there is a vital consideration patient confidentiality

This project is not trying to subvert the considerations of science or proper medical practice It is a 'before a formal project' idea.

Please consider participating in the Blog and helping the team to begin collecting potential actions to assess and the participants who are motivated to take part.

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